Antojos Room

Standing collection in Cuenca

As could hardly be otherwise, there are two spaces dedicated to the other two facets that complement Antonio Pérez’s activity as a collector: his output as a publisher and an artist.

His work as a publisher is featured in the famous Antojos Room, one of the Foundation’s most special places, where the work of the Antojos publishing house can be perused. This publishing house was created by Antonio Pérez in 1978. Antojos is a collection of 16 jewels, 16 artist books with the graphic work of Antonio Saura, Luis Gordillo, Simeón Saiz, Pagola, Guinovart or Equipo Crónica, among others, accompanied by texts by Juan Benet, Félix de Azúa, Julio Caro Baroja or Andrés Trapiello, to name but some.

Photography: FAP Archive, Santiago Torralba