Carlos Pazos Space

Standing collection in San Clemente

One very special place in the museum, which has been part of the standing collection since 2010, is the space occupied by the 10-metre high sculpture, Cupito… and why not?, by Carlos Pazos, located in the place known as “the bullpen” in San Clemente. This space was expressly restored in 2010 to accommodate the sculpture and has become one of the most photographed parts of the museum.

Cupito… and why not? was a work commissioned to Pazos by the Queen Sofía National Museum Art Centre, together with the SECC (Sociedad Estatal de Conmemoraciones Estatales) and also enjoyed Michelin sponsorship to commemorate the centennial of the birth of Dalí in 2004. Once it had been produced, it was exhibited in the Sabatini patio and years later it was moved to San Clemente.

Photography: FAP Archive, Santiago Torralba