Informalistas Room

Standing collection in San Clemente

This room represents a whole ensemble of artists who worked in Spain in the Spanish Informalist movement, with some of the members of the Grupo el Paso, such as Antonio Saura, Manolo Millares, Luis Feito or Rafael Canogar, or representatives of the Catalan group, such as Antoni Tàpies or Hernández Pijuan.

Another group of artists represented in the space includes members of the so-called Cuenca Group, Gustavo Torner, and the unmistakable Fernando Zóbel, undoubtedly the most important figure in the development of contemporary art in the city of Cuenca, since he was the founder of the Spanish Museum of Abstract Art, housed in the city’s most emblematic building, the Hanging Houses. Alongside them are two artists who worked in the city of Cuenca in that booming epoch, the unmistakable Bonifacio and Javier Pagola.

Photography: FAP Archive, Santiago Torralba