Pop Art Room

Standing collection in San Clemente

This room houses the most important representatives of the Spanish Pop current; besides the Equipo Crónica, a group that was founded in Valencia in the 1960s. We are also treated there to the solo work of one of its most important members, Manolo Valdés.

The artist from Valencia, Rosa Torres, also occupies an important place in this space. Others, such as the Catalan artist Carlos Pazos, the painter from Cuenca El Manchas, the Valencian Joan Verdú, the Italian painter, designer and engraver Valerio Adami, or the artist from Madrid Alfredo Alcaín, are also present, as could hardly be otherwise. As a special note and point of reference for them all, we can also admire some of the reproductions made by Andy Warhol of one of his favourite icons, Marilyn Monroe.

Photography: FAP Archive, Santiago Torralba