Contemporary Art Centre


A painting by Antonio Saura, a hessian by Millares, the iconic Michelin Tyre Man enjoying the patio and the views, a homage by Antonio Pérez to Luis Gordillo, a space dedicated to Luis Feito, a vast range of artists and numerous techniques and styles that coexist and interact in an exquisite layout, deployed in 35 rooms of all shapes and sizes connected by a maze of stairs.

The artists represented, with myriad techniques and styles, include: Antonio Saura, Manolo Millares, Rafael Canogar, Luis Feito, Bonifacio Alfonso, Lucebert, Carmen Calvo, Andy Warhol, Equipo Crónica, Javier Pagola, Isabel Muñoz, Jean Marie del Moral, Michel Herrería, Luis Gordillo, Manolo Valdés, Alfredo Alcaín, and many other domestic and international artists, all of them united by a common bond: friendship or collaboration with Antonio Pérez. And this is ultimately what the Foundation is, a “collection of friends”, as Juan Marsé would say.

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