Looking for and finding everyday objects has been one of Antonio’s obsessions from a very early age: trivial or throwaway objects, not unlike the ready-made line of Marcel Duchamp and Picasso’s objets trouvés. He finds objects which, after being filtered by his gaze, recall the works of other artists, thereby creating his well-known Homages… Objects that refer to forms such as faces, figures, animals, objects, etc.

Although he had already exhibited in Madrid, Valencia, Paris or Milan, his work as an artist dedicated to the Found Object was still somewhat unknown, familiar only to his friends and innermost circle, until his works were exhibited at the Foundation.

Antonio Pérez’s Found Objects are exhibited at the Foundation in virtually all of the museum’s rooms in what is a constant dialogue with the other works of the standing collection.

They are curious objects that complement the paintings and sculptures they are exhibited alongside and which somehow convey the erudite and special gaze that Antonio has cultivated all his life to discover artistic works in places where there are apparently none.

Photographs. Santiago Torralba