All of Antonio Pérez’s work in the course of his life as a collector and publisher is well-known.

Since the Foundation was officially opened in 1998 its collection has never stopped growing. It has received constant donations which, together with the idea of expanding the FAP to other places when it was created, prompted it to look for new sites where part of the collection could be housed.

The Foundation’s Sites

The Antonio Pérez Foundation collection is distributed over three magnificent museums that provide a comprehensive offer in modern art in the province of Cuenca.

Contemporary Art Museum

It has a total of 35 rooms spread out over 4 floors.

The museum provides extensive coverage of the most outstanding movements and artists from the mid-20th century until the present day.

The Photography Museum of Huete was officially opened in June 2015 and is located in an old Renaissance convent of Jesus and Mary nuns that dates from 1554.

Our Team

The Foundation is what it is today thanks to the work of each and every one of the people who belong to this big family.

The people you see here are but a small part of the Foundation’s team. A team that works untiringly to ensure that the Foundation becomes what it deserves to be: one of our country’s best contemporary art centres.

Antonio Pérez

Honorary Chairman

Jesús Carrascosa


+34 969 230 619
Calle de Julián Romero,20, 16001. Cuenca

Mónica Muñoz

+34 969 230 619
Calle de Julián Romero,20, 16001. Cuenca

Mercedes de la Pola

Museum/Education assistant
+34 969 301 200
Plaza Mayor, s/n, 16600 San Clemente (Cuenca).

Santiago López

+34 969 230 619
Calle de Julián Romero,20, 16001. Cuenca

Micaela Saiz

+34 969 230 619
Calle de Julián Romero,20, 16001. Cuenca

Begoña de Pablo

Graphic Designer

Angustias Cólliga/ Juan José Mantecón

Assembly Team

Board of Trustees

  • Mr. Álvaro Martínez Chana (Chair)

  • Ms. Fátima García Sahuquillo (Vice-Chair)

  • Ms. Rocío Pardo Soria

  • Ms. Raquel Oliver Chico

  • Mr. Joaquín González Mena

  • Ms. María Trinidad Albendea Roa

  • Mr. Cayetano Solana Ciprés

  • Ms. Marta Tirado García